Natural Juice Detox


Juicing to support the body's natural detox process is a fantastic tool to achieve good health.  Based in Aberdeenshire, The Aurora Juice Company was established in 2016 to help promote a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle by providing fresh fruit and vegtetable juices. We are here to not only provide you with the juice to help kickstart a positive change, but also to educate on the benefits of incorporating juice in to your life.

Here at Aurora we have long since realised that getting essential nutrients and vitamins from natural sources is the best way to improve our wellbeing. After speaking to us you will see that we firmly believe in the healing powers of fresh juice and promote this by regularly incorporating juice in to our own lives.

Our juices are 100% natural with no added preservatives or artificial flavourings.  

A full range of juicing services are offered:

  • Juice Preparation
  • Juice Cleanse Programmes
  • Consultations
  • Workshops
Why Juice?

Making fresh juice part of a well balanced diet is an important tool for achieving good health.  Largely we are a generation that is overfed and under nourished, we have never been more overloaded with toxins and deficient in a large number of nutrients.  Juicing can help address this by removing the toxicity and replacing the deficiency.

Juicing involves a process where the natural liquids, vitamins and minerals are extracted from raw fruits and vegetables, this is done with a juicer.  By consuming fruits and vegetables in liquid form this allows for increased absorption of nutrients as your body doesn't have to work so hard to extract them - the juicer has done all the hard work.  Through juicing a wealth of nutrition is delivered throughout your body within 15 mins - now that's fast food!