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Aurora Juices
Juice Preparation Services

Juicing can be incorporated into your lifestyle in many ways, you can opt to have a juice a day as an addition to your current diet, replace a meal with a juice or jump in with a juice cleanse.

If you’ve always wanted to juice but find all the shopping, preparing, juicing and cleaning too much hassle, we have some good news.  At The Aurora Juice Company we’ll do everything for you!

Completing a juice cleanse has never been simpler – the only thing you have to do is enjoy the juices.  Every juice prepared in the Aurora kitchen is made from the freshest produce in a cold press juicer to avoid unnecessary heat friction to provide you with the finest juices possible.  Quality juicing has never been so easy.  

Juices can be collected from our kitchen in Blackburn, Aberdeenshire or delivered to the local area for an additional charge.  To order please contact us at enquiries@theaurorajuicecompany.com or via the Contact Us form.

Aurora Juices
Daily Juices

Juicing every day can provide a wide range of health benefits, our daily option allows you to purchase individual juices as an addition to your current diet or as meal replacements.

Individual juices can also be purchased in bulk to freeze at home.

Daily Juices:
Individual Juice or Smoothie 330ml - £4.00
Ginger and Apple Kickstarter 25ml - £0.50

Weekly Juices:
5 x Breakfast Smoothies - £20.00
5 x Breakfast Smoothies 5 x Juices - £35.00

Winter Warmers:
Hot & Spicy Apple, Ginger & Cinnamon Juice 250ml - £2.50
Vegetable Soups - £3.00

Juice Cleanses:

Please click here for details

Orders are not restricted to the above, we can provide whatever combinations you would like.  Please get in touch at enquiries@theaurorajuicecompany.com with your requests.


Aurora Juices
Pop Up Juice Bar

We like to get out of the Aurora kitchen and bring our fresh juices and smoothies to farmers markets, festivals and events.  We operate a pop up juice bar where you can come and grab a juice to drink right then or take away to enjoy at home.  We like to be that healthy option in a world of burger vans and candy floss machines!

If you would like us to attend an event you are hosting please get in touch at enquiries@theaurorajuicecompany.com

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